GNSS Applications in the Road sector

  • Smart mobility applications improve the efficiency, effectiveness and comfort of road transportation through navigation, fleet management and satellite road traffic monitoring.
  • Safety-critical applications leverage precise and secure positioning in situations with potential harm to humans or damage to a system/environment.
  • Liability applications the positioning data provided by liability applications are linked to legal and economic liabilities in Road User Charging and Insurance telematics.
  • Regulated applications apply the transport policies introduced by national or international legislations:
  • The GNSS-enabled IVS are used in regulated applications, such as the pan- European eCall or the ERA-GLONASS in Russia, which send an emergency call to 112 in the case of an accident.
  • Enhanced digital tachographs leverage GNSS positioning to support road enforcers, recording the position of a given vehicle at different points during the working day.