GNSS applications in Land Surveying:

  • Cadastral Surveying aims to establish property boundaries. Fiscal policies such as land taxation rely heavily on cadastral surveying.
  • Construction Surveying covers the different construction stages of a building or civil engineering project, whereas machine control applications automate construction activities thanks to GNSS
  • Machine control applications use GNSS positioning, for example, to automatically control the blades and buckets of construction equipment using information provided by 3D digital design. 
  • Person-based applications enable many positioning tasks, including making surveys, checking levels, performing built checks and staking out reference points and markers.
  • Mapping: GNSS is used to define specific location points of interest for cartographic, environmental and urban planning purposes.
  • Mining: mine surveying involves measurements and calculations at each stage of mine exploitation, including a safety check.

GNSS applications in Marine Surveying:

  • Marine Surveying encompasses a wide range of activities (seabed exploration, tide and current estimation, offshore surveying, etc.), all of whose outcomes are important for maritime navigation.