Acronyms J-P

The following abbreviations and acronyms are used by satellite navigation specialists. If you know of any others that need to be added to the list or if you have any corrections to make, please send us an email.

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JAA Joint Aviation Authorities
JAR Joint Airworthiness Requirement
JCB Joint Communications Board (ESA)
JTC Joint Tripartite Committee
JTSO Joint Technical Standing Orders
Kbps Kilobits per second
KO Kick-Off
KOM KO Meeting
L1 L1-GPS frequency (L1 = 1575,42 MHz)
L2 L2-GPS frequency (L1 = 1227,2 MHz)
LAAS Local Area Augmentation System
LAD Local Area Differential
LADGPS Local Area Differential GPS
LAN Local Area Network
LAPB Link Access Procedure for Balanced circuits
LHC Left Hand Circular
LHCP Left Hand Circular Position
LMP Logistic Management Plan
LNA Low Noise Amplifier
LO Local Oscillator
LOC Line Of Code
LPV Localiser Performance with Vertical Guidance
LRU Line Replaceable Unit
LSA Logistic Support Analysis
LSB Least Significant Bit
M&C Monitoring and Control
MASPS Minimum Aviation System Performance Standard
MCC Master Control Centre
M-CCB Mission Configuration Control Board
MCC1 Principal Master Control Centre
MCC2 Backup Master Control Centre
MCC-P Master Control Centre (Primary)
MCCRD MCC Requirements Document
MCC-S Master Control Centre (Secondary)
MCU Management & Control Unit
MD Miss Detection
ME Multipath Error
MEDLL Multipath Estimating Delay Lock Loop
MEL Minimum Equipment List
MLS Microwave Landing System
MMI Man Machine Interface
MOPS Minimum Operational Performance Standard
MPR Mission Performance Requirements
MRB Material Review Board
MRD Mission Requirements Document
MRR Mission Requirements Review
MSAS Multi-transport Satellite-based Augmentation System
MSB Most Significant Bit
MSER Manager for in-SERvice phase
MSG3 Maintenance Steering Group 3
MTB Mediterranean Test Bed
MTBF Mean Time Between Failures
MTBO Mean Time Between Outages
MTSAT Multi Transport SATellite
MTTR Mean Time To Restore an outage
NA or N/A Note Applicable
NAS National Airspace System or National Air Space
NATS National Air Traffic Services (UK)
NAV NAVigation sub-system
NC Non Compliant
NCC Network Control Centre
NCM Network Control Management
NCR Non-Conformance Report
NCRB Non-conformance Review Board
NI Non Integrity
NIHID Non-Integrity Hazardous Invalid Data
NLES Navigation Land Earth Station
NLES-1B Backup to NLES-R
NLES-2B Backup to NLES-A
NLES-A NLES – Aussagel France
NLES-R NLES – Riesting Germany
NLESRD NLES Requirements Document
NM Nautical Mile
NMC Network Management Center
NMF Network Management Facility
NOC Network Operations Centre
NOCC Network Operation Control Centre
NOTAM Notice To Airmen
NPA Non Precision Approach
NPL National Physical Laboratory
NSA Navigation Service Availability
NSE Navigation System Error
NTW Network
NTWRD Network Requirements Document
O&M Operation & Maintenance
OCD Operation Concept Document
OCR Operational & Certification Requirement
OD Orbit Designation
OHA Operating Hazard Analysis
ORD Operations Requirements Document
ORR Operational Readiness Review
O/S Operating System
OSI Open Systems Interconnection
P&C Processing and Control
PA Product Assurance
PACF Performance Assessment and Check-out Platform
PACFRD PACF Requirements Document
PAD Packet Assembler-Disassembler
PAE PA Engineer
PAM PA Manager
PAP Product Assurance Plan
PB-NAV Programme Board-Navigation (ESA)
PBMF Performance Budget Management File
PBN Performance Based Navigation
PC Personal Computer
P-CCB Programme Configuration Control Board
PDOP Position Dilution Of Precision
PDP Project Development Plan
PDR Preliminary Design Review
PFA Probability of False Alarm
PFD Power Flux Density
PHD Project History Document
PHST Packing, Handling, Storage & Transport Plan
PIDS Prime Item Development Specification
PM Progress Meeting or Preventive Maintenance or Project Management
PMD Probability of Missed Detection
PMP Project Management Plan
PN Pseudo Noise
POP Points Of Presence or Preliminary Operations Phase
POR Pacific Ocean Region
PP Present Position
PPS Precise Positioning Service or Pulse Per Second
PRE Pseudo-Range Error
PRN Pseudo Random Noise
PS Power Supply
PS-CCB Project/System Configuration Control Board
PSC Project Safety Concern
PSPDN Packet-Switched Public Data Network
PSS Procedures, Standards and Specifications
PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network
PT Product Tree
PTT Public Telephone and Telegraph authority (National organisation)
PTT Project Tracking Team
PU Portable Unit
PVC Permanent Virtual Circuit
PVM Procedure Verification Matrix
PVT Position, Velocity, Time