Acronyms E-I

The following abbreviations and acronyms are used by satellite navigation specialists. If you know of any others that need to be added to the list or if you have any corrections to make, please send us an email.

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EASA European Aviation Safety Agency
ECAC European Civil Aviation Conference
ECDIS Electronic Chart Display and Information System
ECEF Earth Centred Earth Fixed
ECO Engineering Change Order
ECP Engineering Change Proposal
ECR Engineering Change Request
ECRB External Change Review Board
ECS Electronic Chart System
ECSS European Co-operation for Space Standardisation
EDAS EGNOS Data Access System
EDP EGNOS ILD Documentation Plan
EEE Electrical Electronic Electromechanical
EETES EGNOS End To End Simulation
EGNOS European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service
EIDP End Item Data Package
EIRP Equivalent Isotropic Radiated Power
EL Elevation
EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility
EMP EGNOS Maintenance Plan
ENAV Ente Nationale di Assistenze al Volo (Italy)
ENMA EGNOS Network Management Application
ENMC EGNOS Network Monitoring & Control
ENT EGNOS Network Time
EOIG EGNOS Operators and Infrastructure Group
EPO EGNOS Project Office
EPROM Erasable and Programmable Read Memory Only
EPUE EGNOS Prototype User Equipment
EPUERD EPUE Requirements Document
ERAM EGNOS Requirements Allocation Matrix
ERNP European RadioNavigation Plan
ESA European Space Agency
ESA-CST ESA Centre Spatial de Toulouse or ESA Toulouse Space Centre
ESA HQ ESA Headquarters Paris
ESDV Early System Demonstration & Verification (activities)
ESM Electronics Support Measures
ESNP European Satellite Navigation Programme
ESRRD EGNOS Standard Receiver Document
ESSF EGNOS System Simulation Facility
ESSP European Satellite Services Provider
ESTB EGNOS System Test Bed
ESTEC European Space Research and Technology Centre (Noordwijk)
ESVS EGNOS Service Volume Simulator
ETFM Early Trials Final Meeting
ETG European Tripartite Group
ETMS EGNOS Transport Management System
ETS Early Test System
ETSO European Technical Standard Order
EVP EGNOS Verification Plan
EUROCAE European Organisation for Civil Aviation Equipment
EWAN EGNOS Wide Area Network
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FAF Final Approach Fix
FANS Future Air Navigation Systems
FDDI Fibber Distributed Data Interface
FDE Failure Detection and Exclusion
FDI Failure Detection and Isolation
FDIR Failure Detection , Isolation and Recovery
FDMA Frequency Division Multiple Access
FDS Flight Director System
FEC Forward Error Correction
FECP Front End Communication Processor
FEE (EWAN) Front End Equipment
FFT Fast Fourier Transform
FIR Flight Information Region
FIVP Factory Integration Validation Plan
FL Flight Level
FMAP Failure during Miss Approach Procedure
FMECA Failure Mode Effects & Criticality Analysis
FMS Flight Management System
FOC Full Operational Capability
FOCTF FOC Transition File
FQP Factory Qualification Plan
FQR Factory Qualification Review
FR Frame Relay
FTA Fault Tree Analysis
FTE Flight Technical Error
FTRR Factory Test Readiness Review
G/S Ground Segment
GBA Geostationary Broadcast Area
GBAS Ground Based Augmentation System
GEO Geostationary Earth Orbit or INMARSAT Geostationary satellite
GIC Ground Integrity Channel
GIVD Grid Ionospheric Vertical Delay
GIVE Grid Ionospheric Vertical Error
GLONASS Global'naya Navigatsionnaya Sputnikovaya Sistema or Global Navigation Satellite System
GMDSS Global Maritime Distress and Safety System
GNOS Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service
GNSS Global Navigation Satellite System
GNSS-1 GNSS First Generation
GPRS General Packet Radio Services
GPS Global Positioning System
GRS Geostationary Ranging Stations or Geostationary Ranging System
GRS-H GRS – Hartebeeshoek, South Africa
GRS-K GRS – Kourou, Guyana
GRS-S GRS – Singapore
GRS-T GRS – Toulouse, France
GS Ground Speed or Ground Segment
GSA European GNSS Agency
GSBAS Geostationary Satellite Based Augmentation System
G-SBAS Geostationary-Satellite Based Augmentation Systems
GSCN Ground Segment Communication Network
GSM Global System for Mobile communications
GSRD Ground Segment Requirements Document
GSVP Ground Segment Verification Plan
GUI Graphical User Interface
GW GateWay
Gyro Gyroscope
H/W Hardware
HAL Horizontal Alarm Limit
HDLC High Level Data Link Control
HDOP Horizontal Dilution Of Precision
HDU Hard Disk Unit
HE Hosting Entity
HID Hazardous Invalid Data
HMI Hazardous Misleading Information
HOW Hand Over Word
HPA High Power Amplifier
HPL High Precision Landing or Horizontal Protection Level
HUNE Horizontal User Navigation Error
HW HardWare
HWE Hardware Engineer
I/F InterFace
I/S Interference / Signal
IALA International Association of Lighthouse Authorities
IAP Interoperability Action Plan
IATA International Air Transport Association
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organisation
ICB Interface Control Board
ICD Interface Control Document
ICO Intermediate Circular Orbit
ICRB Interna Change Review Board
IDEF0 Integrated Design Functional model
IERS International Earth Rotation Service
IF Intermediate Frequency
IFF Identifier Friend (or Foe)
IGP Ionospheric Grid Points
IGS International GPS Service for Geodynalics
IKD In Kind Delivery
ILS Instrument Landing System or Integrated Logistics Support
IMO International Maritime Organisation
INC Inmarsat Navigation Center
INMARSAT International MARitime SATellite
INS Inertial Navigation System
IOC Initial Operational Capability
IOD Issue Of Data or Issuance Of Data
IODC Issuance Of Data Clock
IODE Issuance Of Data Ephemeris
IODI Issuance Of Data Ionosphere
IODP Issuance Of Data PRN
IOP Initial Operations Phase
IOR INMARSAT III – Indian Ocean Region
IP Internet Protocol
IPP Ionospheric Pierce Point
IRD Interface Requirements Document
IRS Inertial Reference System
ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network
ISNS International Satellite Navigation System
ISO International Organisation for Standard
ISOP In Service Operations Phase
ISVV Independent Software Verification and Validation
IT Integration Testing
ITRF International Terrestrial Reference Frame
ITT Invitation To Tender
ITU International Time Unit