EDAS General Information

EDAS -the EGNOS Data Access Service- allows you to plug into EGNOS to receive the data collected, generated and delivered by Europe's first satellite navigation system. EDAS therefore provides the opportunity for service providers to deliver EGNOS data to users who cannot always view the EGNOS satellites (such as in urban canyons) or to support a variety of other value added services, applications and research programs.

EGNOS (European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service) is essentially Europe's "pre-GALILEO" system, its first concrete venture into satellite navigation. EGNOS delivers services based on GPS signals, providing augmentation signals by geostationary satellites based on a network of ground stations. EGNOS provides two services via the three EGNOS geostationary satellites (the Open Service and the Safety-of-Life Service) and EDAS is the third service now providing ground based access to EGNOS.

Please, visit the Brochures section where you can download EDAS product brochures that will help you better understand EDAS and its potential.