EDAS advantages

EDAS builds on the qualities of EGNOS to provide a reliable high level of service to users and offers the following key advantages:

  • Reliability and assurance: EGNOS will be a certified Safety-of-Life system requiring a highly reliable and resilient infrastructure. This infrastructure is the basis for EDAS
  • Data delivery: EGNOS data is provided in real-time through a standard internet connection or direct fixed-line
  • Data content: EDAS not only provides EGNOS broadcast data, but also Ranging and Integrity Monitoring Stations (RIMS) raw data and satellite status messages
  • European and North African coverage: EDAS data is sourced from the 34 EGNOS RIMS generating unique Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) datasets from Europe and North Africa
  • Commercial contracts: in the future, EDAS can be provided to service providers on a long-term basis with reliable performance levels