Condition of use for EDAS

1. Access to the EDAS server


The European Satellite Services Provider (hereinafter referred to as "ESSP") together with the European Commission, grants access to the EDAS server and allows the use of EDAS data in different domains of application such as Location Based Systems (LBS), Assisted GNSS (A-GNSS) concepts, a broad range of services in professional GNSS markets, and related R&D activities.
The server is physically located in the EGNOS Master Control Center in Torrejón in Spain.

2. EDAS usage

The following elements are provided to the EDAS users:

  • Connection to the EDAS server through Internet or dedicated lines;
  • Support for setup of users' individual point-to-point access lines;
  • User manual, documentation, client software and support provided by the EGNOS Helpdesk ( or (+34 911 236 555) available 7/24);
  • Use of EDAS data is free of charge.

2.1 Requirements for using EDAS

The usage of EDAS requires the following the elements :

2.2 Connection to EDAS

The users may connect to EDAS

  • either via Internet
  • or via a point-to-point line

2.2.1 Internet connection

For Internet connections:

  • When developing applications using the internet connection, it should be considered that the latency requirements as specified in the SDD do not cover the Internet connection from the EDAS output to the user application;
  • Please be aware that for the reception of  the EDAS data you will need to configure your firewall or PC to receive UDP packets. This may be considered a security risk. It is a good practice to separate such network or PC from your main production system.

2.2.2 Point-to-point connection

For point-to-point connections:

  • Users are free to setup their own access lines between their premises and the EDAS server, in this case they may stay connected on 24/7 basis;
  • These lines should allow real-time data streaming with minimum latency;
  • Any costs associated with point-to-point client access lines shall be borne by the users.

2.3 Conditions

The conditions that any potential user must comply with are the following ones:

Any registration form failing to meet any of the above conditions shall be rejected and the applicant will be informed by e-mail.

All applications meeting the above basic conditions will be carefully assessed, without any guarantee that an application will be approved.

3. General conditions of use

The EGNOS Data Access Service - “EDAS “- has been designed and developed with the general goal to provide ground-based access to EGNOS data. Upon registration EDAS is accessible through the connection to a dedicated Internet domain ( EDAS can only be used for non-safety critical purposes, i.e. purposes that have no impact on the safety of human life and where a failure in availability, integrity, continuity or accuracy of the EDAS services could not cause any kind of direct or indirect personal damage, including bodily injuries or death.

Although care has been taken in designing, implementing and operating the EDAS system, as well as in providing EDAS services, it is not meant to offer a service guarantee or liability from the EGNOS service provider or from the European Union. The minimum level of performance against which the EDAS system has been designed is provided in this document (hereinafter referred to as “EDAS Service Definition Document” or “EDAS SDD”) solely for the reasons of transparency in order to enable the user to make an informed decision regarding EDAS use. However, actual EDAS performance may differ in the future.

3.1 Disclaimer of liability

The European Union as the owner of the EDAS system and ESSP SAS as its service provider expressly disclaim all warranties of any kind (whether expressed or implied) with respect to EDAS, including, but not limited to the warranties regarding availability, continuity, accuracy, integrity, reliability, fitness for a particular purpose or meeting the users’ requirements. No advice or information, whether oral or written, obtained by a user from the European Union or ESSP SAS and its business partners shall create any such warranty.
By using EDAS, the user agrees that neither European Union nor ESSP SAS shall be held responsible or liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, including but not limited to, damages for interruption of business, loss of profits, goodwill or other intangible losses, resulting from the use of, misuse of or the inability to use EDAS.

3.2 Right to use

The EDAS data, documentation, software and other information are proprietary and the user will respect all related proprietary rights.
The publication or provision of the EDAS data, documentation, software or the information contained in the EDAS data or related to EDAS shall not be construed as granting any implied IPR licence other than to the purpose of using EDAS.
No failure or delay in exercising any right in relation to the data, documentation or the information contained herein shall operate as a waiver thereof, nor shall any single or partial exercise preclude any other or further exercise of such rights.
The disclaimers contained in this document apply to the extent permitted by applicable law.

3.3 Modifications and Updates

The EDAS data, documentation, software or information is subject to modification, update, and variations. The publication of updates will be subject to the same terms as stated herein unless otherwise evidenced.  
Although efforts to give notice to the public for further updates of the data and documentation are deployed, it does not assume any obligation to advise on further developments and updates, nor to take into account any inputs or comments proposed by interested persons or entities involved in the updating process.