Road 2

EGNOS is a key tool for better managing land transport in Europe, increasing both capacity and safety, whether by road or rail. Improved positioning accuracy helps companies enhance their transport logistical operations. Public operations, such as police and emergency services, can use EGNOS to improve the speed of their responses in critical situations. EGNOS can also be used for electronic tolling services.

The MENTORE project presented two live demonstrations of EGNOS tracking and tracing services at the ITS World Congress held in Stockholm from 21 to 25 September 2009. Two vehicles equipped with the MENTORE EGNOS-GPRS/Satellite communication on board unit were tracked while transporting nuclear material in Italy. For the second demonstration an EcoVan equipped with the MENTORE EGNOS-GPRS/WiFi on board unit was tracked in Stockholm while circulating for freight distribution. The services make use of EGNOS data distributed by the EGNOS Data Access System (EDAS) and processed in Telespazio’s service platform in Rome and visualised on a screen at the TTS Italia booth.

More information is available here.