Maritime 2

EGNOS will improve navigation at sea and of inland waterways. It can be used for port operations, traffic control, casualty analysis, offshore exploration and fisheries management.

The MARLET project performed EGNOS trials that successfully demonstrated the value of increased position accuracy and integrity for vessel guidance at a port and, more generally, for maritime Automatic Information System (AIS) applications.

AIS is an electronic data-exchange system used to broadcast a vessel identifier, direction, speed and other information to all other ships and coastal stations within reach of a maritime VHF communications link. However, there are potential vulnerabilities arising from a lack of standardisation of the GNSS receiver used for AIS.

The MARLET trials were performed at the Port of Hamburg, located off the North Sea on the River Elbe. A number of test runs were performed at Europe’s second-largest port using EGNOS to guide tugs. The most demanding trial involved the tug Bugsier towing an out-of-service passenger ship, the Maxim Gorky, from its berth to a floating dock. The trial included tug-assisted turning and docking manoeuvres. A position accuracy of 1.4 metres (99.7%) was achieved.

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