Aviation 2

The EU-funded GIANT project successfully tested EGNOS for landing aircraft in preparation for certification for use of the Safety-of-Life Service for civil aviation.

Lateral precision with vertical guidance (LPV) landing tests with were conducted in October 2006 in Valencia, Spain using an Air Nostrum Dash-8 aircraft with stand-alone EGNOS-enable avionics and in San Sebastian in 2008. GIANT conducted a third successful test in August 2008 to land an Air Nostrum CRJ-200 aircraft in Valencia. Air Nostrum made another flight trial in Bologna, Italy in September 2008.

Air Nostrum calculates that using EGNOS across its fleet will lead to a positive financial benefit of about €6.3 million over 10 years. Fuel consumption, noise and lost time can be reduced and safety improved with more efficient flight paths.

GIANT also conducted a helicopter demonstration in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2007. The Lausanne trials were performed by Eurocopter, using their EC155 experimental all-weather helicopter, Tests landing helicopters on oil rigs were also conducted in the North Sea, showing the usefulness of EGNOS in the aviation sector when there are no terrestrial guidance systems available.

More information is available here.