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How can app developers easily enhance the GNSS position in their apps with EGNOS? 

EGNOS is a European system that provides greater accuracy than GPS does over Europe through the use of geostationary satellites that broadcast data used to correct the GPS positions. It offers an innovative feature - "Integrity" - that gives you a guarantee of your position and alerts you when GPS satellite data should not be trusted. It is of importance in case of solar activity peaks (like those in 2012 - 2014) that can disturb satellite emissions. When the EGNOS satellite signals are not accessible (e.g. in urban canyons or under a tree canopy) EGNOS corrections can still be retrieved from the internet (with SISNeT or EDAS).

To help you benefit from these advantages, the European Commission provides easy and ready to use EGNOS toolkits for free!

What is an EGNOS toolkit?

For anyone looking into a mobile device (like receiver manufacturers or mobile phone developers) it is source code ready for integration into a smartphone or a handset to benefit from EGNOS advantages and therefore provides a competitive advantage.

For anyone creating new apps (like app developers, researchers, university students, etc.) this is a collection of software, a demo application and supporting materials that allows you to create innovative applications using EGNOS.

For anyone who is just curious, it provides a great opportunity to understand the entire GNSS position computation chain from raw satellite signals to a GPS position and an enhanced position with EGNOS.

Why use an EGNOS toolkit?

Since implementing EGNOS requires some specific skills, the toolkit helps you save time and energy by providing ready-for-use source code and a demo application showing the advantages and possibilities offered by EGNOS.

As EGNOS is fully interoperable with other SBAS in the world such as the existing US WAAS, the toolkit on-board your receiver can provide its advantages in different parts of the World.

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Which are the EGNOS toolkits?

At present there are three EGNOS toolkits developed and available in this section:

  • PEGASE tool
  • SIGNATURE tool

The common purpose of the EGNOS toolkits is to provide source code to ease the implementation of EGNOS and EDAS. However, there are different versions depending on the hardware available, or depending on the features required.

Performances of the EGNOS toolkits

During the test phases evidence was collected to demonstrate the benefits of using EGNOS:

- The EGNOS SDK provides a software receiver to enhance GPS positions, and tests show that the position accuracy increases on avarage by 30%.The test results shown in the figures below represent a static test over 30.000 points (approx. 8 hours) which support the above statement.

The figure on the left shows the spreading of the GPS (in blue) and EGNOS (in red) positions around a reference position. The figure on the right shows the error computed for GPS and EGNOS as well as common statistical values to assess the quality of both GPS and EGNOS enhanced positions.  

egnos sdkGeographic PositionError in [m]

- The PEGASE tool showed the algorithm works and approaches EGNOS performance in case the receiver algorithms are known

- The SIGNATURE tool demonstrated that, when the PVT algorithms were known, the EGNOS solution improved the Horizontal positioning performance of GPS in the 95th percentile by around 2 meters.

For both tools the resulting performance depends on environmental conditions and the receiver model. Further tests are on-going and the updated results will be released here when ready.

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The EGNOS SDK applies the full theory of EGNOS and GPS starting from the raw data provided by a GNSS chipset, on a broad set of platforms (iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone). The corrections used are either from the EGNOS Signal in Space or SISNeT. The demo application provides the GPS position in real time; the EGNOS enhanced position and its level of integrity.

After a first version was issued in November 2011 which focused on the implementation of the EGNOS standard in smartphones, new functionalities are now available with version 2:

  • Provides information about the satellite providing the location information;
  • Provides the best accuracy possible using EGNOS or GPS only according to the GPS constellation geometry;
  • Implements the ranging function (MT9 and 17) when implemented by the SBAS.

As, so far, GPS chips inside smartphones are "blackboxes", the only way to retrieve the GPS raw data needed to apply EGNOS corrections is to rely on an external GNSS receiver connected to the smartphone by Bluetooth. However, the European Commission and smartphone manufacturers are discussing ways to get access to the raw data from the GNSS internal chip.

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The PEGASE team has developed a toolkit that applies EGNOS corrections on Nokia Maemo phones using the EGNOS corrections from EDAS and without the need of an external GNSS receiver. PEGASE also has an additional application called "EDAS proxy" which extracts only the data that are necessary for the EGNOS application from the EDAS data flow and makes them available on the Internet in the SISNeT format.


The SIGNATURE toolkit provides EGNOS corrections for Android phones. It applies correction data received via the internet (SISNeT) to the GPS position calculated by the phone's internal GNSS chipset. The toolkit consists of a library of functions which can eventually be integrated directly in the Application Programming Interface (API) of the mobile phone operating system. Application developers can simply request a position using the API and the API will return the EGNOS improved position. The library has been successfully tested on HTC Wildfire, Desire and Legend, without the need of an external GNSS receiver.

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