Sample applications

Sample applications

This section provides four practical examples of applications using EGNOS.

EGNOS improved accuracy allows precision farming

Precision farming is the use of various techniques to make the cultivation of agricultural land more efficient, thus enabling farmers to make substantial savings. Read more

Using EGNOS as a UTC time source for time distribution systems

Time distribution is a system in which a master clock is responsible for synchronising one or more slave receiver clocks. In this application, the master clock synchronises itself using the Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) time provided by EGNOS and redistributes this time to the slave clocks. Read more

Improved signal availability in urban canyons using EDAS

In certain constrained environments, GPS and EGNOS signals may be difficult to acquire. For example, when a vehicle is driving along a road hemmed in by rows of tall buildings, the vehicle’s onboard receiver may have difficulty picking up the satellite signals. Positioning in these environments, which are known as ‘urban canyons’, is poor. The use of EDAS compensates for this EGNOS reception problem. Read more

EGNOS’s integrity mechanisms for safety-of-life applications

EGNOS helps to improve accuracy by correcting the measurements in the GPS signals and in particular by providing the integrity service. Read more