GACELA: Galileo Centre of Expertise for Latin America; Description of the GNSS Needs and Potential Markets, FP 7 1st call (October 2009)


The early use of satellite navigation systems in Argentina date back to the mid seventies when the US Navy TRANSIT system started limited operations in relation to a few applications basically promoted by the Military Geographic Institute (IGM – Instituto Geografico Militar).

In 2009, the IGM became the National Geographic Institute (IGN) under the supervision of the Defence Ministry. In Argentina, IGN has been one of the pioneer users of GPS, mostly for topography, geodesy and cartographic applications.

Another early grade of use can also be mentioned in relation to the OMEGA System, which was also developed by the United States Navy. It was originally developed for military aviation users. There were no commercial applications of this system of any sort, since in-country use was granted through an agreement between the US Government and local authorities.

The use of OMEGA declined during the 1990s to a point where the cost of operating OMEGA could no longer be justified. The system was permanently terminated in September 1997. There was no  “civilian” market development, due mainly to the intrinsic cost of the ground terminals and the fact the mentioned applications were exclusively in the military domain.


The present document is an analysis of the GNSS needs and potential markets in Argentina as a means of evaluating potential applications that the GACELA Centre could support.

In the defined market, there is a strong demand in the national market for higher accuracy for applications in areas such as precision farming and bathymetry. These two sectors represent an important segment in the field of practical applications since Argentina has a long tradition in agro-industry and also presents an extended coastline.

GACELA will boost the development of those Galileo applications. The Centre will provide support to private and institutional users as a means of testing and developing new applications so as to increase the awareness of regional GNSS decision makers.

In this context, there is a good foreseeable probability of developing industrial/technological relationships as well as the capacity to boost GNSS applications and related businesses.

The identified potential markets for GACELA are:

  • Precision farming
  • Fishery and maritime management
  • Road transport
  • Location-based services
  • Civil aviation
  • Research and development

Author: PILDO Labs

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