EGNOS is the European Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS) and was certified for civil aviation in March 2011. It will enhance:


Increased accuracy and integrity means the decision height can be decreased to as low as 200ft, depending on local geography. Publishing EGNOS procedures can:

  • Offer airports a competitive edge over those only offering non-precision approaches.
  • Significantly enhance the effectiveness of helicopter emergency medical services by increasing the accessibility of heliports.


EGNOS will, in many cases, reduce the impact of aviation on the environment. It will enable curved approaches and continuous descent paths, which will reduce both noise and emissions. For helicopters, EGNOS will allow approach procedures to be developed from any direction, creating the possibility to avoid densely populated areas.


EGNOS provides a cost effective alternative to ILS CAT I, offering similar performance yet without the need for infrastructure installation and maintenance. With EGNOS, lower decision height can also considerably reduce costly delays, diversions and cancellations.


Increased vertical accuracy provided by EGNOS will improve safety by:

  • Reducing the occurrence of Controlled Flight into Terrain by as much as 75 %.
  • Acting as a backup system for approaches into airports that already offer precision approaches.
  • Allowing the design of more flexible and safer approach procedures for rotorcraft.