Precision agriculture is the application of different technologies and solutions to make farming more efficient, improve crop yield and reduce the environmental impact. Key GNSS enabled applications include:

  • Farm machinery guidance uses GNSS positioning to assist drivers in following the optimal path.
  • Automatic steering completely takes over the steering of farm equipment.
  • Yield monitoring enables site-specific monitoring of harvest, combining the output of a yield sensor with the GNSS positioning of the harvester.
  • Soil condition monitoring enables updates on soil moisture levels, fertility or diseases to optimise their management.
  • Livestock tracking and virtual fencing uses GNSS to track animals and provide virtual fencing.

Agri-logistic applications such as:

  • Farm machinery monitoring and asset management to monitor the location and mechanical status of equipment and to efficiently manage workflows.
  • Geo-traceability enhances the effectiveness of food, animal and product traceability.
  • Field delineation is the precise measuring of the boundaries and size of agricultural fields and can be done with GNSS.